I like Kevin Spacey. Actually that's no big surprise to anyone that comes regularly to this blog, my friends or my co-workers. But I often get asked what it is I see in him that I'm attracted to.

Let's face it, Kevin Spacey is not one of the "pretty boys" of Hollywood. I don't like "pretty boys", I like men. Back in 2003 I was on a Gabriel Byrne kick (another Hollywood hottie). I started to research his movies and ended up renting "The Usual Suspects". Somewhere within that movie, I stopped and thought "hey wait a minute"...it was then and there that that Spacey guy caught my eye.

I had heard of Kevin Spacey, I had even some of his movies...as a matter of fact, I was pretty sure that if he were in a movie - it was a good movie. But that particular day, he caught my eye in a way that the Bay City Rollers, Adam Ant, Duran Duran and Loverboy had back when I was actually the right age for idol "crushes". At that moment I began buying every movie I could come across that he was in. I realized he'd been in quite alot - some good, some bad. I realize I had seen him in movies prior to knowing who he was.

Eventually I began to do research on the internet. To my delight, I came across some pretty good fan sites. I chose to lurk for a long time as I was sure the fan sites were run by teenage girls. I was very wrong - it was women around my age (though there are some young ones out there). My "crush" grew, because now I had someone to share it with. I was able to get dvd's of his old tv movies, old interviews on talk shows, british talk shows, etc... My Spacey collection has become quite large, thanks to alot of these ladies.

As I've mentioned before, Kevin's show in Atlantic City was my Christmas present in 2004 from my husband. He always figures I could have worse habits - smoking, drinking, drugs...but he'll take Kevin Spacey anyday over any of that!!! He enjoyed the concert as well.

Another Spacey "high" for me was when I received a handwritten "thank you" from him for a hat I sent.

Yes, my "crush" has grown..guess I won't be satisfied until I get to meet the man himself in person!

getout77 wrote:I know this story , the same happened to me too. As a matter of fact I am happy and satisfied choosing him my big love... There is no day passing without trying to "convert" somebody from my friends. I think there is no minute without having him in my mind. I'm crazy, aren't I?

Tuesday, May 01. 2007 spaceymini wrote:I like your stories about Kevin. Sometimes it's just like “reading” my own thoughts. Loved the story about his “thank you letter”. That was so nice and sweet of him.
You wrote you won’t be satisfied until you get to meet him, well that day will come soon!!! Have a grrrreat time!!!!! And I know you will!