Becca The Betta

Back in 2005, we got Betta Fish for Secretary's Day. We learned fast that the Betta in Vase fad shouldn't exist. The fish and the plant both get oxygen from the water, thus meaning there normally isn't enough oxygen for both. Normally the betta dies. We also learned that the tiny little bowls that are sold for bettas are cruel. Would you want to live in a tiny confined space like that? Once we had more adequate housing for our bettas they thrived.

We did have some downfalls though and when we'd lose one we'd just replace it with another. Eventually we became pretty good at detecting illness and in some cases curing it.

One day one of my co-workers came in with a "female" betta whom her daughter named "Bella". We loved Bella. Bella had more personality than her male counterparts. You could actually hold one of those freeze dried bloodworms overtop of the water and she'd jump up to get it. Actually you could hold anything up above her bowl and she'd jump for it. Bella did tricks. Everyone would come into the office to see the fish that did tricks. We enjoyed Bella for about a year before she went to fish heaven. Bella ate alot and probably over ate herself to death.

Though female Bettas are less colorful and do not have the beautiful long fins that the males do, they are beautiful fish. They are also hard to find, so I was somewhat surprised today when I walked into Wal-Mart and saw 3 females sitting with the males on a shelf. I picked one up, dubbed her Becca and she now is living happily in a much larger bowl in the kitchen. She'll go to work on Monday; everyone will be thrilled. She may even do tricks!!!