"People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
But people will never forget how you made them feel."

I pulled this quote from the new Reader's Digest. It says it is quoted by Maya Angelou (you'll have to look her up on the internet - I had to).

Every once in a while a quote catches my eye and sticks in my head, like this one did. As everyone that reads here knows, the past few weeks of my life have not been good ones. To be honest, they have not gotten any better. I'm getting ready to leave for 3 days of training for a job I'm not even sure I want anymore. I always have prided myself in my work, I've always enjoyed my work. But in the past 4 days of work, I've come to realize that I could really care less about the place. Things have been put into motion that make no sense. And people that I thought I could trust or were my friends, I've discovered are not. So the quote caught my attention because:

1. Something was said. And though I know what was said, I no longer remember it word by word.
2. Something was done. Yes, it happened, but precise details no longer exist.
3. How you feel. Yep, I know how I feel. I know how I felt from the first moment it started.
I know how it has felt each moment, and I know who has made me feel this way.

So the quote's true....you'll remember what it was all about but overtime the details will blurr. But that feeling and who brought it on, you'll never forget it. It's forever etched within your mind and heart.

Don't think it's true? Think back to the times your feelings or pride have been hurt. Do you remember the exact details moment by moment? Bethcha' don't. But I bet that old hurt feeling is coming back, bet some of you even have tears in your eyes. Bet some of you are cursing me for making you feel that way again.

I just hope that when someones remembers how I made them feel - I made them feel good.

Tuesday, October 03. 2006 Kim wrote:
Yup, love that quote and have heard it before. It really does say it all. I suppose that life is made up of those little blips in the road, but often they are never pleasant. What I try to remember though, is what I learned from them.