Kevin Spacey

I absolutely adore Kevin Spacey. Actually that probably is no surprise to regular readers here or my close friends. I don't know what it is about that man, but he just does something to me. My husband handles this "crush" very well, even to the point that Kevin's show in Atlantic City was my Christmas gift back in 2004. He also overlooks Kevin as my computer desktop (home and work), Kevin's voice when the computer boots up, the Lex Luthor figurines on the computer desk and the many trips to 7-11 he made to get me Lex Luthor slurpee cups. Yes, I'm that addicted.

One of the best things about being a Spacey fan (other than Kevin himself) is the friends I have met via the internet. You would think at my age (42) I would be all by myself, after all aren't star crushes for teenagers? But you'd be wrong, I have met more woman in and around my age with the same infatuation.

Kevin lives in London and is the artistic director for the Old Vic Theatre. He currently is in the play "A Moon For The Misbegotten" there. A good many of my internet friends have been traveling to London to see this play. I, of course, do not have this luxury. Jen and Joanne left this past Saturday. They attended a special production at the Old Vic on Sunday that included a reception afterwards. They got to meet Kevin, they got to shake his hand, they got to drink champagne with him!!!! They were attending the play tonight, they will go to the stage door for an autograph and picture afterwards, then they will spend time at The Pit Bar and more than likely he'll be there. I'm very happy for them.....but I'm raging with jealously!!!!!!

The play may come to Broadway in the spring. That will be my chance of seeing it...but I doubt the chance to meet him will present itself.

I must win the lottery to get to London.

Monday, October 09. 2006 Kim wrote:
Okay, L, if it does come to B-Way with Kevin, you can most definately meet him. You get there early, locate the stage may have to ask around to find out where the actors exit after the play. After the show is over, you high tail it to that door and wait. Trust me, I have met and gotten autographs from folks such as Linda Lavin, Mandy Patikin etc, all by waiting by the stage door!
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Saturday, October 21. 2006 getout77 wrote:No, you don't have to win at the lottery. Well Stratcat, you have 2 months left to pack your luggage and fly to London DON'T MISS IT! Is it so expensive to get to Europe? Ask from your husband as a Christmas present, yeah!