The Start of Autumn

Well it's that time of year again!! I must once again get back into the exercise and diet routinue. Though I've tried this off and on again and again, I never seem to stick with it. But this time I'm determined!!!

I renewed my Curves membership and readjusted my goals at . For those unfamilar, Curves is a circuit training workout for women and Spark People is a "free" website loaded with health and exercise information and a personal diet plan. If you've ever used the Weight Watchers website, Spark People is in the same order as that, with one difference - Spark People is FREE, you have to pay for Weight Watchers.

Actually today, I didn't do too bad...though I ate a little more calorie wise then I wanted to, it was still healthier eating and I was really afraid I would go on an unhealthy binge if I didn't eat something!!! Although Spark People will give you a menu plan (and options to make changes), I have chosen to do my own menus (and their site calculates the calories and such). I'm kind of following the Curves diet which I did 2 years ago with a few differences - but healthy ones. Plus the dog and I just walked a mile, so between Curves, the Walk and the better eating habits - I'm off to a good start!!!