Maybe It Should Be Weeks From Hell

Every since vacation life has been crappy. While on vacation my one aunt died. She had been fighting cancer for quite some time. From my past two blogs y'all know my one cousin died. This past week another aunt died!!! This leaves my Dad as the only surviving sibling in his family.

Prior to vacation I had to have one of my guinea pigs put down. A week later another one died. The week after vacation another died.

They say things happen in three's. So hopefully this is the end of death in my life for a while.

Work's been especially crappy. For those that do not know, I do office work at a County Detention Center. We've been at almost full capacity since before vacation. Where we normally run 325-350 inmates, we are now averaging 415-430. Inmates have increased, staff has not. So, obviously, everyone is over worked and not in the best of humor.

Last week I was to do the deposits for the commissary while the guy that normally does that was on vacation. On Monday I had a migraine (a bad one) so I had to call in. On Tuesday I was able to do a deposit but was developing a sore throat. By Friday it was a full fledged cold with fever and at Noon I called it quits and went home. Needless to say my work is extremely backed up. So I'm not looking forward to going back tomorrow.