Like most people, I have a cell phone.  Unlike most people, the phone is not continuously attached to my head.  I can drive without a cell phone, grocery shop without a cell phone, work without a cell phone, eat out in a restaurant without a cell phone and go to the movies without a cell phone (don't get me started with that one).

My post that mentioned my flat tire prompted a comment from my dear friend Kim about a flat tire we had many many years ago while returning home from King's Dominion (amusement park for those unfamiliar) with a group of friends.  Approximately 45 minutes from home we got a flat tire and there was no spare (I know what you're thinking...but it WAS Kim's car and not mine.  In her defense, she had told all of us before hand she didn't have one).  A cell phone would of been nice to have then, but they only existed to the rich...so we all had to walk to the next exit in search of a phone to call home.

I attended my aunt's funeral today.  There was only a graveside service.  My aunt had been in a nursing home for sometime and had not attended a church in quite a while.  So the minister had been provided by the funeral home.  I have attended funerals where the minister was unfamiliar with the deceased and though they lack that personal touch, they normally are appropriate for the situation.

This minister apparently came completely unprepared.  He not only lacked personal touch, he lacked Biblical approach as well as prayer.  But what was most annoying was approximately 45 seconds into the service, his cell phone rang!  He immediately said "Sorry about that, I don't know who'd be calling me now" and proceeded to look.  I almost thought he was going to answer it, but apparently common sense finally took over and he said "Sorry, I'll set it on vibrate".  Immediately after the service (which lasted less than 5 minutes) he was returning that call.  Needless to say we were all appalled, especially my two cousins.  The one said she was going to call the funeral home tomorrow and complain, she didn't want to have a "scene" graveside - though she'd of been justified.

Have we become such a bad society that we cannot go ANYWHERE without a cell phone?  What is the real need for this?

See even Kevin has one!!! 

  • Tuesday, September 26. 2006 Kim wrote:
    I hate cell phones. I had one for years, because Chris insisted as I was commuting for work, but a year and a bit ago, I finally won the argument that I didn't want one. Sometimes not only do I not want to be found, but I am just someplace inappropriate (like the pastor in your post) where the ringing of a phone would be tactless. I'm actually amazed that there are not more cell phone related accidents as it seems my driving is always being impacted by some goofball driving while talking.
    So sorry about your aunt...and your pets. This has not been a good month for your family!
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  • Saturday, October 07. 2006 sarita wrote:
    GREAT pic of Kevin!! thanks!!
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  • Saturday, October 21. 2006 getout77 wrote:
    You are right with the cell-phones. But sometimes a cell-phone makes your life easier. Remember once Kevin durring a play (as I remember it was The Iceman Cometh) quiped to a spectator whose phone rang for some seconds: "tell him we are busy!" and he continued to act...
    OMG!!!! that is an amazing picture!
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  • Tuesday, October 24. 2006 Sarah wrote:
    In your life you get maybe a handful of calls that are really important - the rest can wait.Switching a phone OFF is an option!!!
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