Because Nice Matters

My cousin Chris and I were always very close in our childhood. When her parents divorced we lost track of each other for a good many years. As adults, by some odd coincidence, we ended up living in the same area. So naturally our friendship picked up like it never was gone in the first place.

Several times a month we get together and go to the movies. The car ride from home to the theater is our "catch-up" time...the what's happening in your life right now. We both seem to be going through some aggravating times at work these days, and one day as she's ranting over something she made the comment that she was having a sign made that says "because nice matters" to hang at work. I was very impressed with that, I liked it.

I made a small sign with those words and hung them above my desk at work. No one has commented on it, but I know they see it. I wonder if they stop and think about it, like I did when Chris first said it.

Today while on break, I was on the internet checking the various postings on the Kevin Spacey fan boards (since I don't smoke, this is my smoke break). There was one thread talking about the Old Vic Theater blog that had posted a few home made videos of behind the scenes events. The blog started but then ended rather suddenly and no more videos had been posted in quite a few weeks. Some fans were contemplating posting and asking for more. I innocently suggested they may want to start an email campaign to the email address on the site. So it surprised me somewhat when a "new poster" blasted my idea because of the extreme pressure and workload that Kevin is under. You know, one of those "holier than thou" fans who think he walks on water and everyone should bow down before him (I like the man, but don't view him as a god).

I posted back that obviously it wasn't Kevin doing this whole site, he had help and that writing an email saying that the videos were well liked and you hoped to see more wasn't "pressuring" the man to do more. Within 5 minutes (I'm not kidding you) she had another post, pulling quotes from mine and of course bashing them again. She even had the nerve to suggest that I don't know what it's like to be too busy to take a break nor have pressures in life (oh yeah, like anyone that reads here doesn't think the past few weeks of my life have not been crap). My temper immediately hit the ceiling, so I began a post back...then out of the corner of my eye I caught the sign: "because nice matters".

Well I did leave a post, a nicer one than what I originally wrote and ended it with a "let's agree to disagree". After all I may of been arguing with a 12 year old and "nice does matter".

Tuesday, October 24. 2006 Sarah wrote:
Read your post on that site and thought it an excellent reply.
Whats wrong with letting the people involved with the blog that its appreciated ? Yes Kevin is busy but he is extremely aware how important keeping the interest up in the VIc is. Besides he looked like he was having a ball being let loose with a camera!
And yes nice does matter !