Friday, June 16, 2017

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

I'm Slowly Getting Back On The Weight Loss Wagon...

It's happening slowly...but I'm getting back into weight loss mode.

And it's been much simpler then I thought....

I started writing it all down.

Back in 2010 when I started my successful journey with Weight Watchers, there either was no app, only an app for iPhone or I had a stupid phone....I don't remember, lol! wasn't the "norm" to use an app.  We wrote things down.

So I went back to the basics.....

First, I needed a notebook.  Though any will work obviously, I chose to buy one of the WW ones.  They have 2, the original one when Smart Points first came out, which is brown with a quote from Jean Nidetch on the front and the newer one which is black, a little larger and comes with lettering to create your own inspiration.  I chose the little brown one as I owned it before and liked how it was set up.  It gives me a place to track my food and at the end of each week there's a place for "hindsight" and 2 pages for "notes".  I use one note page for things I come across during the week that I need to work on and also for the little week victories; the other note page are goals for the next week plus any notes from the meeting.  I also made a little pocket in the front to hold my weight tracker and such; I used a quote:

Writing down what I'm eating is making me more aware of what I'm eating.  It's way too easy to get into the habit of pushing a few buttons to log and move on.  Writing it down makes me truly see what I'm eating.

Second, I stopped worrying about points.  Whether it be Smart Points, Points Plus or Classic Points....I don't worry about it.  If when writing down I know the point value, I do write it and at the end of the day I do look up and total it out.  There are days I am really over and there are days that I have leftover points; but I don't let a point value dictate what I'm going to eat.  Doing it after the fact gives me the chance to look back and decide what the best choices are or aren't.

For the most part, I try to stick to the Simply Filling Food List which is mostly lean meats, vegetables, fruits and fat free dairy, but I do eat off list as well - like that large vanilla shake last night.

So, how has writing it down and not worrying about a point value worked?  Well I've been doing it for 2 weeks and I'm down 3.2 lbs.   Not bad!

I'm not the only one going old school either:

Roni - The Notebook Returns

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Best Diet

This little blurb was the first thing in the book Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink that I'm currently reading.  There's also a website:  Mindless Eating Website.

No truer words could be true!

But let's face it, when you're on a diet (or lifestyle change or food plan, whatever you prefer to call it) you're constantly thinking food.  You're tracking, you're weighing, you're measuring, you're planning.  It's work and it's work that makes you constantly think of food.  So you know you're on it.

I once did a faith based "diet" at a church that said the same thing....diets make you think about food all the time.  With this particular program, you were to prayer if meant by temptation and eat only until you were satisfied not stuffed.  You could eat whatever you wanted, within reason of course; the goal was to take your mind off food and keep it focused on God.  This diet did work, however, the fact that they want you to believe that if you gained weight or stopped losing it was because God was punishing you didn't sit well with me at all; but I did agree with the diets make you think about food!

I came across Mindless Eating on a blog somewhere; I'd gladly give credit where it is due; but can't find which blog it was now.  I immediately ordered a used copy off of Amazon and well, the first quote is right at the top of this post!  The website is full of lots of information and there are Checklist sheets you can print out and use, which look very useful.

I've dumped points of any kind (but not Weight Watchers) and am using Simply Filling so I can get away from the weighing, measuring and goal is to aim for the healthy stuff with a treat here or there.  I just can't count points of any kind anymore...I've outgrown it.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Jury Duty

Let's discuss the dreaded thing.....that thing you hope never comes in the mail....the dreaded Jury Duty letter!!!

Yep, I got one of those.  It was the second time I've gotten one, the last time being over 10 years ago.  My sweet hubby, who's lived in this area his entire life, has never gotten that letter; but in the 19 years I've lived here, I've gotten it twice.

Though all states may not do their's the same, where I live you get the letter to appear and have 5 days to fill out a questionnaire and return it.  I did mine online.  I mentioned several times that due to my job, I would be unable to remain impartial in making a decision....definitely hoping they'd excuse me - no luck, I had to go.

However, in between filling out that questionnaire and going to court; I had a change of heart.  I began to think what if it was one of my friends or family going to trial - what kind of jury would I want them to have.  Definitely someone like me!  I went in hoping to get picked.

Course I had forgotten about my answers on that damn questionnaire, they even questioned me on it at one point which I explained; but none-the-less the damage was done and I didn't get chosen.

Sigh......if there is ever a next time - I'll remember this.

But my main reason for writing this is to say, not to fear this.  Embrace it.  Imagine it could be a friend or family member who needs you to be impartial.  This is your civic it!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

An Interesting Saturday...

The Saturday started off's spring, it's yard sale season....CC and I headed out early because we had a 1 year olds birthday to attend at noon.

It was suppose to be a super hot wasn't; at first it rained and left us with the "what do we do now"....but once it quit raining we were able to get some yard selling in with a little success.

This was also the day CC was getting her pet rats.  She had purchased a huge cage and all kinds of gadgets to keep the little ones entertained:

She did a great job and really researched the ins and outs of pet rats.  More people need to do that on any type of pet they plan on getting.  Anyway, she had come across someone on FB with pet rats for sell and had been in touch with here via FB.  She had requested a meeting place, but the lady insisted she come "here" and pick out the ones she wanted.  That was okay, but CC couldn't seem to get the lady to tell her where "here" was.  As back up she had been in touch with a Reptile Store that breeds them as feeders but feeder rats can make good pet rats.  So we were covered.

I don't like to knock any of my family, I really don't.  I love them all and even though each of us (myself included) have our little "things" we all have taught ourselves how to deal with each other and love each other despite them.  CC, by the way, is from my Dad's side of the family; this party was my Mom's side but CC knows them and was invited.

We arrive ten minutes before the party is to begin.  The party was for my one cousin's little girl who was turning 1.  We walk in, I see my sister and another cousin setting up tables.  My cousin having the party is going thru bags of decorations. People are arriving.  Wait a minute?  Shouldn't this party of already been set up?

Oh well, it's that family "thing" again, lol!  We pitch in and get things set up.  Okay, where's the food and cake?  Better yet, where's baby C who's birthday it is?  It seems my cousin's mother (Baby C's grandma) has Baby C and is bringing the food.  But again.......the party started at noon; shouldn't everything be here??  

In comes my uncle with the food and cake - finally!!  He leaves.....but we're still missing Baby C and Grandma.  Then we're thinking, "Well maybe there wasn't room in the car with the food and Uncle went back to get them."  We decide to let everyone begin eating.  Baby C doesn't arrive.

Then here comes another cousin shaking her head (Grandma happens to be her mother too)...apparently Grandma put Baby C to bed and now is refusing to wake her up and is just not bringing her!  WAIT! WHAT????  

Eventually against a lot of nasty phone calls......Grandma loses and shows up with Baby C (about an hour after the party was suppose to start).  However, Grandma makes sure to make a scene in the she's coming thru the room, out loud - "I'm going to be f-ing yelling in some one's face really really soon!" (she actually said f-ing and not the actual f word).  My cousin is crying because her mother had called her a "b*tch" on the phone.  And my other cousin, who's Mom is the Grandma too, is shaking her head and telling me "I keep telling her she needs to lay down the law with Mom; she needs to take the upper hand which she has because Mom is going to want to see Baby C."

Somehow....we all made it through the party.

Relieved to be out of there...we head for what CC has been waiting for all day - her pet rats.  The woman from FB had never gotten back with her; CC had tried to message her again before heading to the reptile place but never got an answer.  Then we arrive at the reptile place to discover that it is closed because they are off at a reptile show.  We stopped at a PetSmart and found 2 but the one we were concerned with how fast he was breathing and thus decided against it.  So she went home empty handed.....sigh....

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I'm In I'm Out I'm Up I'm Down......

Yep, that's how it's been.

I'm doing TERRIBLE with the diet, T E R R I B L E.  I have no willpower and my mindset is completely wrong.

And that's where it needs to start, with the mindset.

Though Thursdays are my start days for my weigh-in; I've totally started over today.  I'm sticking to the Simply Filling plan and also tracking with Lose-It to watch the calorie intake.  For breakfast I had 1 slice of lite bread, 1 large egg, 1 banana and 1 cup of skim milk.  All SF and only totaled 265 calories.   The banana had the most calories.  At least I'm off to a good start.

I need to get my lunches under control.....ate out every day last week (and not good things).  Friday I ate at Chipolte, which most think is rather healthy.  I had 2 hard shell tacos with white rice, pinto beans, chicken, lettuce, cheese and sour cream and a bag of chips - that totaled 39 pts!!!  I know the shells, sour cream and cheese where the clincher there, and yes that bag of chips.  See I knew I shouldn't, but I did anyway!

Carbs are my big big issue - chips, mashed potatoes, French fries....etc.....  I need to eliminate potatoes for a while.  And desserts........

Life is tough!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

11 Years Ago Today.......

Hard to believe but yes, it has been ELEVEN years since we brought Toby home!  That is so hard to believe and the 15th was on a Saturday that year and the next day was Easter, lol!!  We're doing a repeat!!

Toby was so shy.....he hated having his picture taken:

But he began to come around:

He and our cat Strat we're best friends, we so miss our Strat:

Two years later he got a brother, we miss our Keyser too:

Toby's been a wonderful addition to our lives: